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AI-Powered Paraphrasing

The AI-powered paraphrase tool from QuillBot will improve your writing.

To modify more (or less) of your writing, use the Synonym Slider. With fewer modifications, pushing the slider to the left will result in a more accurate rephrase; with more changes, moving the slider to the right will result in a more creative output.




Limit: 125 words
Modes: Standard and Fluency
Synonym Slider: Limited changes
Freeze Words: 1
Summarizer: 2500 words
Speed: Moderate


$99.95 per year

(save $139.45 yearly)

Limit: Unlimited words
Modes: Standard, Fluency, Formal, Simple, Creative, Expand, and Shorten
Synonym Slider: Maximum changes
Freeze Words: Unlimited
Summarizer: 6000 words
Speed: Fast
Plagiarism: 20 pages a month
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