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Video Meeting Transcription

Utilize automatic video recordings, highlights, and transcription to capture all the crucial information.

Using a keyword search that covers all of your meeting recordings, you may go back in time and locate precisely what you’re searching for in your post-meeting transcripts.

Automatic Summaries

While meeting notes are automatically taken throughout the meeting and marked in the transcript, concentrate on the dialogue.

Review your AI-based notes and the meeting transcript to create correct minutes.




 High quality video & transcript

 Automated notes & summaries

 Search meetings & transcripts

 Share meetings & snippets

 Upload past calls

 Slack & Trello integrations

5 hours per month

1 month recording retention



Per seat

All of Basic

 Download transcripts & Gdocs

 Zapier integration

 Automated workflows

 Conversation templates

 Meeting basic Insights & tips

20 hours per month

3 months recording retention




Per seat

 All of Basic and Pro

 Custom vocabulary & templates

 Custom branding

 Meeting team insights

 Team & user management

 Private meetings

40 hours per month

6 months recording retention




For larger organizations that need additional control & support

All of business

Single Sign On

Company-wide deployment

Custom hours package

Custom retention

Priority Support

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