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Video Screencasting

With Komodo, a screencasting tool, you can schedule online meetings, collaborate more quickly, and share your thoughts with others without having to enter a lot of text.

Video Tool In Action

Komodo focuses on creating solutions that link individuals in novel and creative ways to close the gap between in-office and out-of-office teams. Komodo is here to assist enterprises in navigating a new type of hybrid work, with capabilities like asynchronous video collaboration, presentations with AI-based editing, document generation, and many more features.

How Can It Be Used

You can screencast training material, lectures, sales proposals, and much more.

Tier 1

$19 One-Time


1 users

Unlimited videos


Tier 2

$69 One-Time Payment


5 users

Unlimited videos


Tier 3

$139 One-Time Payment


15 users

Unlimited videos


Tier 4

$209 One-Time Payment


50 users

Unlimited videos


Features included in all plans

Asynchronous video recording

Add commentary to sections of the screen and segments of the video

Track video engagement

Guide creation

Video editing

User management and security capabilities via folder management

Mobile apps (iOS and Android) allowing for easy video creation from PowerPoint, Keynote, etc.

AI- and transcription-based editing


Talk over previously recorded voice

No encoding or exports—share instantly

Web app

60 day money-back guarantee

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