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About The Shed

The ShedHi there! Today we are going to talk about the Software Shed.

When the Software Shed began as a small community on Facebook we never thought it would evolve into what it is today. A great place for everyone to talk tools.

The reason the Software Shed became what it is today is because of some great friends, that also happen to be SaaS and AI experts: Ruhani Rabin, Pamela Li, Lyle Weber, Naz Haque, Ankit S J B Rana, Ram K, Joe Maracic, Hue Truong, among others.  What can we say? Pals. 

They and the members of the community are all the reasons the Software Shed turned out to be so awesome.

This website will be a place for us to share deals, overviews, thoughts, tutorials, and hopefully other news in the future. 

It should be an interesting ride, so let us see where it takes us. Stay tuned…